Curriculum Vita

2004-present, Administrator: Division of Parks and Forestry, Office of the Director. Responsible for the future development of Liberty State Park, review and analysis of plans, policy, and projects concerning the current brownfield restoration and redevelopment issues.
2009-present, Visiting Scholar: Rutgers the State University, Department of Ecology Evolution and Natural Resources. Working with the Urban Forestry Laboratory to examine the biometrics of vegetative assemblages exhibiting metal induced stress toward the development of a model for the phytostabilizatin of brownfield soils.
1995-present, Adjunct Professor (PTL): Rutgers the State University, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources. Instructor of "Environmental Issues", a survey course examining recent trends of the major issues at the global and local levels and "Open Space Planning and Management a land use course.
2007 Columbia University: Visiting Juror, A6853 Design Studio Organized a multidisciplinary collaborative MAAD graduate design studio with Kate Orff
2003-2004 Acting Assistant Director: Division of Parks and Forestry, State Park Service, Oversight of New Jersey’s 380,000+ acres of parks, forests, recreation areas, and over 500 employees.
1994-2003 Administrator: Division of Parks and Forestry; As an administrator within the Office of the Director, I was responsible for the development of site specific general management plans, and the oversight of the division‘s interpretive and educational programs.
1996–2004 Commissioner: New Jersey Commission on Environmental Education. The commission was established by the Environmental Education Act in January of 1996. Served as the commission’s chair from 1999-2003.
1983-1994 Adjunct Professor of Biology: Upsala College. Responsibilities included instruction in the following courses: Introduction to Biology, Field Biology, Environmental Science and Evolution.
1984-1994 Chief of Interpretive Service: Liberty State Park, DEP. Responsibilities included the design and implementation of a comprehensive interpretive program, including educational programs, teacher training and exhibit development.
1987-1988 Senior Biologist: CDM Inc. CDM is an environmental consulting firm that deals with a wide spectrum of issues.
1986-1987 Senior Biologist: Aware Inc.;
1980-1983 Naturalist: High Point State Park; Prepared and presented interpretive and educational programs.
1978-1983 Natural Resource Assistant: Sussex County Soil Conservation District.

2008 Ph.D., Rutgers the State University, Ecology Evolution and Natural Resources.
1989 Post Graduate Work, Rutgers the State University, Graduate School of Education.
1983 M.A., Biology, Montclair State College.
1978 B.A., Botany, Rutgers the State University.

2009 Gallagher, F.J., Pechmann, I., Isaacson B., and Grabosky, J., Morphological Variation in the Seed of  Betula populifolia Marsh.: A Comparison of Trees from Metal Contaminated Soils. Urban Habitats. Vol. 6 In press.
2008 Gallagher F.J., Pechmann I., Bogden J., Grabosky J., and Weis P. Soil metal concentrations and productivity of Betula populifolia (gray birch) as measured by field spectrometry and incremental annual growth in an abandoned urban Brownfield in New Jersey, Environmental Pollution 156 (Dec. 2008) 699–706. (PDF)
2008 Gallagher F.J., Pechmann I., Bogden J., Grabosky J., and Weis P. Soil Metal Concentrations and Plant Productivity in an Urban Brownfield, Environmental Pollution 153 (May 2008) 351-361. (PDF)
2006 Exploring Environmental Issues in the Places We Live. American Forest Foundation. Contributing author and reviewer.
1998 Gallagher, F.J. Branching Out, Risk and Forestry. American Forest Foundation.
1998 Iozzi, L. and Gallagher, F. Environmental Issues Focus on Risk. American Forest Foundation.
1997 Gallagher, F.J. The Presidents Message. The Daily Planet. Vol. 10 No. 3.
1995 Gallagher, F.J. HEP Hits the Road. The Tidal Exchange Vol. 5. No. 1.
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1993 Gallagher, F.J. Communication?, The Daily Planet Vol. 8 No. 2.
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1989 Gallagher, F.J., Kindervatter, D. Cent' Anni, A Railroad Reborn. New Jersey Outdoors. Vol. 16. No.5.
1989 Gallagher, F.J. Efforts Towards a Master Plan for Environmental Education. The Alliance. Vol. 4. No. 3.
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1989 Gallagher, F.J. Should the Three R's End in EE. The Alliance. Vol. 4. No. 1.
1987 Gallagher, F.J. Wildlife Photographs. Sussex County Voice.
1979 Gallagher, F.J. Management and Restoration Guide for Sussex County Lakes. Sussex County Water Quality Management Program. Sussex County S.C.D. & Planning Dept.

Select List of Invited Lectures:
2009 "Ecological Risk Associated with the Phytostabilization of an Urban Brownfield. Watchable Wildlife Conference, Cape May, New Jersey.
2009 "Soil Metal Contamination Influences the Vegetation Assemblage Development of an Urban Brownfield", Annual ESA conference, Albuquerque New Mexico.
2008 "Restoration of Liberty State Park, an Urban Brownfield”, National Association of Harbor Estuary Programs, Annual Conference New York, New York.
2008 “Creating and Maintaining Urban Parks” Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, Annual Conference. New York, New York.
2008 “Parks, People and Place” Keynote address, The New Jersey Tree Federation, 83rd Annual Meeting, cherry Hill New Jersey.
2007 “The Myths Associated with Sustainable Forestry”, meeting of the American Forest Foundation. Idaho City, Idaho.
2007 “The Relationship between Soil Metal Load and Vegetative Assemblage Structure, Colombia University, School of Architecture.
2007 “Soil Metal Concentrations and Vegetative Assemblage Structure in an Urban Brownfield”, International Society Arboriculture, Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii.
2006 “Demographic Transition and the Corresponding Need for Natural Resource Based Educational Materials. New Jersey Shade Tree Federation’s annual conference in Cherry Hill, NJ.
2005 “Demographic Transition and its Impact on Regional Forest Resources”. The American Forest Foundation’s Project Learning Tree Conference, International Conference. Portland Or.
2001 “Connecting Forestry to People”, American Forest Foundation, invitation by Princess Abdullah of Jordan, Amman Jordan

2009 Audrey Zapp Environmental Achievement Award, Friends of Liberty State Park
2009 Proclamation, Leadership in Ecosystem Restoration, City of Jersey City
2008 Running with Scissors, NY/NJ Baykeeper
1999 Outstanding Service, USDA, Forest Service Conservation Education Implementation Team.
1990 Excellence in Environmental Education., New Jersey Audubon.
1989 Excellence in Environmental Education, the Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education.

Certifications and Licenses
1992 Brain-Based Instructional Strategies, Academy for Professional Development, Department of Education.
1991 4 MAT Learning Styles and Modalities, Introductory and Intermediate, Department of Education.
1985 Federal Fish Game and Wildlife Service, Special Purpose, Rehabilitation.
1983 Federal Fish Game and Wildlife Service, Master Bird Banding Permit.